Make Waves

The Beginning

In April 2016, Kristyn Roth launched Make Waves as a month-long fundraising campaign in support of Autism Speaks and its Light It Up Blue movement. The multi-tiered campaign aimed to inspire others to get involved through ecommerce, direct donations, and event support around the country; With only 4 weeks from concept to creation, a modest goal of $5,000 was set, with a 100% match commitment by The Roth Family Foundation.

In 30 days, we had 200+ people attend 7 events across the country, 25+ corporate sponsors get involved without hesitation, and 6 press stories shared about our cause, ultimately raising over $21,000. Aside from delivering a check for twice that amount to Autism Speaks, we were left with an overwhelming sense of hope and gratitude. Above all, Make Waves inspired people to get involved, and truly believe they are capable to making a difference in the world we live in.

Make Waves Mission

Make Waves is a Donor Advised Fund part of the Roth Family Foundation that inspires others to get involved in our efforts within the Autism community. We aim to break the barriers against youth and adults with neurological disabilities, because we believe that everbody has the ability to create a ripple effect when given the opportunity.

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