Board of Directors

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Donna Roth


Donna is the Founder and Director of The Roth Family Foundation with her husband, Hank. A longtime philanthropist, Donna supported organizations focused on cancer research, MS support, and autism-related programs. With the Foundation, she aims to make a difference in the lives of youths and adults living with neurological disabilities, and the challenges that these families face; she will continue to support organizations that offer opportunities and independence, allowing the people of this community to fulfill their true potential.

Donna is the Founder and former CEO of Cool Gear International, a leader in the hydration and Consumer Products Industry. Cool Gear was acquired by Igloo Products Corp. in 2014, where she remains on the Board for Igloo Products Corp.  She is currently focusing her time on The Roth Family Foundation. 

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Hank Roth

Director, Treasurer

Hank founded The Roth Family Foundation with his wife, Donna, and aims to change lives with the organizations they seek to support. He has seen first hand what the autism community is capable of when given the proper love, opportunity, and support to achieve their goals. He hopes the Foundation will inspire a community rooted in positivity, to gain new perspectives, spread awareness, and break barriers. 

Hank is the Founder and former Vice President of Cool Gear International, a worldwide leader of innovative hydration and tabletop products. He is currently a Board Member of Igloo Products Corp.

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Kristyn Roth


Kristyn is the President of The Roth Family Foundation, and is proud to raise awareness about Autism and fight social stigmas that prevent the special needs community from fulfilling their true potential. Over the years, she has hosted fundraising events nationwide that seek to educate, raise awareness, and support organizations focused on research, and social empowerment programs. 

She credits Derek for making her the best version of herself, and cannot imagine life without such a perfect brother.

Kristyn is the Co-Founder & CMO of KoaWare, an easy-to-use website builder for Real Estate professionals. She also Founded Make Waves in 2016, which is now a charitable fund and community based organization within The Roth Family Foundation.