Roth Family Foundation

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit founded by the Roth Family in Boston, MA. in 2007. Founders, Hank and Donna Roth, are passionate about raising awareness and resources for programs within the Autism and Special Needs community. Inspired by their son Derek, they have been long time supporters of organizations like Special Olympics, Autism Speaks, The Arc, and The Lurie Center for Autism at MGH - eventually deciding to start their own foundation to expand their efforts.

Arguably the happiest and kindest kid on the planet, autism is just one thing that makes Derek who he is. Through the years, the stigmas themselves held him back further than his own abilities ever have, as he continued to defy limitations and surpass expectations. From being told he would not speak, nor graduate high school -  to now having graduated college, transitioned to independent living, and continuing his own career path, his journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Through our own experiences, we hope to provide valuable resources, and invest in programs making a difference in the lives of families and people with autism and special needs. We want to knock down the barriers and acknowledge that being different is a good thing. Being different is what inspires greatness, it sparks new ideas and new perspectives to change the world. 

Lastly, we want to build a community based on knowledge, respect, and positivity. We hope to shine a light on the unique, the special, and the differently abled; to challenge the pull to underestimate, and to acknowledge everything this community is capable of. To showcase what we are capable of when we come together, support each other, and educate each other on what it means to be human.


Mission & Focus

The Roth Family Foundation (the "Foundation") empowers and supports youth and adults living with neurological, intellectual and physical challenges to defy expectations. It is the Foundation's firm belief that people with disabilities should live meaningful lives and be productive, vibrant citizens in their communities.

Programs and organizations within our focus include:

• Transitional & Independent Living

• Life Skills & Job Coaching

• Job & Career Programs

• Community & Business Engagement

• Science & Research